“Everyone” Includes Religious People, Too

In a landmark victory for religious liberty and school choice, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on June 30, 2020 that state governments cannot exclude religious organizations from a student aid program just because the program affords students the choice of attending religious schools.* The case was Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, which involved aContinue reading ““Everyone” Includes Religious People, Too”

Orwell’s Prophecy

“Who controls the past controls the future.” Since George Orwell published his jarring novel 1984, Big Brother and the Thought Police have sat uncomfortably in the back of our minds. None of us want to live in Oceania, but a recent development in the news media suggests that there are some who would wish thatContinue reading “Orwell’s Prophecy”

The Paradox of Artistic Interpretation: A Commentary on T.S. Eliot’s “Tradition and the Individual Talent”

“The emotion of art is impersonal. And the poet cannot reach this impersonality without surrendering himself wholly to the work to be done. And he is not likely to know what is to be done unless he lives in what is not merely the present, but the present moment of the past, unless he isContinue reading “The Paradox of Artistic Interpretation: A Commentary on T.S. Eliot’s “Tradition and the Individual Talent””

The Case Against Environmental Regulation

What is the most effective way to create cohesion among opposing groups? Provide them with a common purpose. I propose that, for the opposing sides on today’s environmental issues, a shared love of place (oikophelia) is that common purpose. An appreciation of home and place requires valuing the civic order that we live in andContinue reading “The Case Against Environmental Regulation”

A Better Way to be Vegan

I want to suggest an alternative approach to veganism. I do not have anything against veganism, and I know many wonderful people who have made it a significant part of their lifestyle. However, I believe that there is a better way to address the concerns that these people often have that does not involve givingContinue reading “A Better Way to be Vegan”

The Value of the Debate

In August of 2017, University of Pennsylvania Law School Professor Amy Wax published an op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer discussing what she saw as some of the more concerning issues in America today. She candidly analyzed several arenas of society, touching on topics of race, economic status, gender, and more. The most controversial passage ofContinue reading “The Value of the Debate”